Please, pay attention to the guiding rules below that describe how to create a new issue in Scell bugtracking system.

1. Login to Scell bugtracking system using the following link below, your username and password.
You will be moved to the main page.

Note: If you don't have the necessary credentials, please, create a new account first.

2. Click on the link 'Report Issue' in the main menu bar => The form titled "Enter Report Details" will appear. You must fill in mandatory fields that the form contains. The following steps describe how to do this:

 Category drop-down box.(Mandatory) Leave default value.
 Reproducibility drop-down box. (Optional) Ideally, you should be able to reproduce it 100% of the time. But sometimes it is impossible. In these rare cases, you can use "sometimes" if the bug occurs sporadically, or "random" if you really are unable to reproduce it.
 Severity drop-down box. (Optional) Select a severity for the bug (use your common sense). Example:
        "minor" if the bug is important but not detrimental to the proper functioning of a feature;
        "major" if the bug is important and compromises the user experience;
        "critical" if the bug completely prevents the user from continuing user action, or if the bug crashes or freezes the application.

Priority drop-down box.(Optional) Select a priority for the bug (also, use your common sense):

        "low" if the bug has very little impact on the user experience (usually goes hand in hand with text/minor bugs)
        "normal" if it needs fixing soon but it is not urgent (usually with a more important minor bug)
        "high" if it needs fixing relatively soon (usually with a major bug, or something that is very obvious to users)
        "urgent" if it is a top priority and should be fixed quickly (usually with crashes/freezes/important majors)
        "immediate" if it needs fixing right now (because it prevents the tester from testing, or it is a client’s request, etc.)

3 forms under "Select Profile".(Optional) These are:

         Select a Platform: the device you used for your tests (i.e. PC/Mac, etc.)
         Select an Operating System: the operating system of the device (i.e. Windows, etc.)
        Select an OS version: the version number of the operating system

Summary field.(Mandatory) Create a short title for the report, and please, be clear on what the issue is.This field should contain a brief description of the bug. Start with context, where in the application you are, then focus on the “what” you did and “what” the software did.
        Bad: "Application does not work".
        Good: "Clicked on ‘Print’ button on toolbar, but the report is blank".

Description field. (Mandatory)A clear and concise description of the issue.Here is an example:
        Actual result: When the user goes to the menu 'File' -> 'Options' the form 'Scell Options' can't be opened and console output shows NullPointerException.
        Also you should provide expected result describing what would happen if there were no bug. Here is an example:
        Expected result: When the user goes to the menu 'File' -> 'Options' the form 'Scell Options' should open at the center of the screen.

Steps To Reproduce field. (Optional, but strongly recommended)
This field should contain the steps that a developer or a tester unfamiliar with the project has to follow to reproduce the issue. Here is an example:

1. Run SCELL and enter the value 1345649876532165468765462131654698765421 in A1 cell.
2. Double click on A1=> The value 1,34564987653216E+39 is shown.
3. Delete the two last numbers => The value 1,345649876532E+39 is shown.
4. Press Enter and double click on A1 cell again.

Observed: The value 1,34564987653199E+39 is shown
Expected: The value 1,345649876532E+39 is shown

Additional Information field.(Optional) This field should contain the additional information which might be usefull for the developer.

Use "Upload File" to upload your screenshot or video. Most of all, screenshots must be very clear, as they are often what developers will look at first.