Core Technology

Scell is a Component implemented on Java platform. Modern interfaces and business applications require entirely new approaches to the development: Rich Interface, Multimedia, Realtime, Special Effects. All this became possible with the advent JavaFX.
The technology provides developers with a cross-platform tool for building rich and compelling applications.

Basis functions and features

  • Worksheets
  • Excel Formulas
  • Localization Support for Formulas (English, German, Russian)
  • Merge Cell and Split Cell
  • Cell Attributes
  • Text Formats, Aligments, Styles, Themes
  • Column Headers
  • Printing

New features

  • CSS - (Component’s Look&Feel can be changed without development)
  • MS Excel document looks 99% like in MS Excel, no problem with font formats, shifting of cells, etc
  • WYSIWYG document printing. It means, what you see on your screen, you will get on paper. MS Excel can't do that in certain cases.
  • Dynamic addition of user functions

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Integration of GUI component in JavaFX, Swing, SWT application.
Open API to control the component

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