Scell for Java

Scell is a new Java-based component, adapted to work with files in .xlsx format (open format XML). Scell can be easily integrated into any Java, Scala or SWT application. Currently, Scell provides design engineers with all features and technologies required to process the document management data.


Java Spreadsheet Application

Test version of scell is here! You can download it.

Please use our bugtracking system to post your comments and report detected bugs.

post your comments and report detected bugs.

Bugtracking Guideline

10 May 2017

We are looking to invite volunteers to test Scell application. For this purpose we have developed the bugtracking system and provided the guidelines on how to use it and how to report detected bugs.

Scell Bugtracking System Added

16 December 2016

We have launched the bugtracking system for Scell. You are welcome to register as a reporter and post detected bugs and your comments for Scell improvement.



The first option for b2b segment is actually a Scell component description of an API and guidance to its integration. It allows end users and developers to make good use of high-end technologies and advanced features while working in an established worksheet format.

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The second option for b2c segment, without additional costs and licenses, offers Scell component as a stand-alone application, ready to install. It is an optimal solution for the end users who are looking for an alternative to the established electronic worksheets.

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